Natural Sesame Seed
   Washed Sesame Seed
   Hulled Sesame Seed
   Industrial Sesame Seed
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  Natural Sesame Seed*
It refers to the clean product, 99.9% of purity in a natural condition but as the Hulled and washed seed is processed in top technological electronical equipments to extract black or contrasting grains resulting in a uniform-color product.
  Washed Sesame seed*
The same cleaning process as in the hulled one is used, 99.98% of purity and a maximum 0.6% of black seed. The latter before introducing it into the washing hopper where soil adherences and other polluting elements are removed by water shaking resulting in a sweet product with a pleasant taste.
  Hulled sesame seed*
Product previously cleaned, 99.98% of purity. After that, the skin is removed mechanically, resulting in a white and brilliant product. It is generally used for Bakery and confectionery.
  Industrial sesame*
It is a clean grain very similar to the products above mentioned, but its raw material exceeds the limits of black seeds to be processed as the hulled or washed ones. The smaller grain and the rejected one are also classified in this category.
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